Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

The Ali Family

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The Ali Family's Home

The Ali Family's Home

Hussein Ali, an Iraqi refugee in Jordan, is grappling with a momentous decision: should he return with his family to Iraq and face being killed in order to provide his family with the health care they are increasingly in need of or stay in Jordan and struggle with growing health problems and the daily task of survival? For his part, Ali has no desire to return to Iraq, but in Jordan the family is simply failing to make ends meet.

Hussein is the father of four young children, one of whom is seriously ill. Hamid has already had 10 surgeries on his intestine during the first five years of his life. These have placed a tremendous burden on the family’s budget. The surgeries and attendant medications are costly, and without permission to legally work in Jordan, Hussein has no way of ensuring a steady income. Even so, he manages to sometimes find work as an electrical technician.

Recently, the Ali family had their electricity cut off. They simply couldn’t afford to make the payments when the medical bills for their son required more immediate attention. Fortunately, a local charity was able to pay the full amount of 120 JOD to get their power restored, but as is obvious, this family desperately needs further long term assistance.

Adding to their problems is the fact their home has a severe mold problem, which has served to exacerbate their sad situation. Not only do their clothes get ruined quickly, but the mold is contributing to growing health problems that are making other members of the family ill. Already weakened from his intestinal problems, the mold is leading Hamid to be continuously ill. His sister, Sofia, has recently developed a mysterious rash on her head while Hussein himself now suffers from a heart condition, all of which they attribute to the growing mold.

Hussein spends little time worrying about his own health. The thought of his young children suffering because of their dire circumstances is what is sometimes too much for him to bear. The ability to move into a home without mold and adequate health care for his children would allow Hussein to stop contemplating a return to Iraq and possibly his own demise.


Written by Ayman Fadel

July 15, 2010 at 23:13

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