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Nasir: Kidnapped in Iraq, Forbidden to Work in Jordan

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In 2004, Nasir was kidnapped and held for one week because he was working with the Huda Company. In 2005, he fled to Jordan.

Nasir: Kidnapped in Iraq, Forbidden to Work in Jordan

In August of 2008, the police arrested him for working illegally. Since that time his fear of arrest has prevented him from working.

His two-year old baby recently needed an operation which cost 350 JD. Caritas paid 200 JD, and he was supposed to pay 150 JD. In March 2010, the local humanitarian activist could only give him 50 JD due to a lack of funds at that time.

When the activist recently visited him and suffering was visible on his face:

Last time I heard that [Nasir] needed money, I did not visit him. When I see him I understood how he has suffered. He can’t work but he must feed his family. He can’t go back to Iraq and to this day his case has not moved. He is not able to eat well and sleep. Immediately we gave him rest of the money he needed for his baby’s operation.


Written by Ayman Fadel

September 23, 2010 at 15:19

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