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Sawsan’s Family and the Kidney Operation

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March 29, 2010, we visited this family. The daughter, Awatef, is 11 years old. She had an operation on her kidney. The cost was 1780 JD, about 2555 USD.

Sawsan Receives Money to Pay for Daughter's Operation

The mother, Sawsan, is a widow. Militia killed her husband in September 2006. She went to the Jordanian Health Aid Society (JHAS) to ask help. The physician told her that he could do the operation at the reduced price of 380 JD and he would ask many NGOs for the rest of the money because Awatef suffered a lot of pain and had  blood in her urine. Therefore, Sawsan decided to take her to the private hospital and immediately have the operation.
Sawsan asked many Iraqi friends to raise  the 1780 JD, but she still owed 800 JD. We were able to give 400 JD to Sawsan. Later, fortunately, Ms. Huda called me and informed me that she can support this case and other cases. We then returned to this family to provide the reminder of the money owed.
Sawsan's Family
Sawsan's Family

Entrance to Sawsan's Family's Home


Written by Ayman Fadel

September 23, 2010 at 08:29

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