Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

Husni: Long-Time Iraqi Refugee in Jordan Now Needs Assistance

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Husni fought in the first Gulf war. The US Army imprisoned him for 2o months in Kuwait. When he returned to Basra, the Baathist Government imprisoned him for 5 months. Saddam’s persecution forced him, his wife and their children to seek refuge in Jordan in 1993. They registered with UNHCR in 2000. When he found work as an interior designer, he did not renew his registration.

Husni-Long-Term Refugee in Amman Now Needs Assistance
On October 6, 2009, Husni had a heart attack. He was hospitalized for 10 days. Afterwards, he fell repeatedly. Now, he needs an operation which costs 3,500 JD. Caritas will cover 3000 JD, but he has to cover 500 JD.

In May 2010, the family received its first month’s cash assistance from UNHCR. It was 240 JD (330 USD). The family had to use this money to pay rent and electricity, because they had not paid rent (300 JD ≈ 420 USD) for 6 months and electricity for 7 months. The landlord had already filed a complaint to the court seeking the family’s eviction.

Recently, Husni’s family found out about us and sought our assistance. We visited on May 29 and found their living conditions to be miserable.

They continue to owe 250 JD (350 USD) for rent and 70 JD (100 USD) for electricity. The eldest daughter is in the final year of high school. She has a very high average mark of 80. She regularly needs money  for fees and books. At this very moment, if she can’t pay a fee of 20 JD, she won’t be able to continue school. She borrows books from her friends.

When we entered the house, there was a strong odor. The landlord had shut off the water pipe 4 days prior. With 5 children, it is difficult to do without water.

Many Iraqis need us. We continue to work harder and harder.

Of course  UNHCR and other NGOs have been helping them so much within their regulations, rules, criteria and need procedures. But it is difficult to get support from them for the urgent matters. They are not flexible , and monthly cash assistance from UNHCR is not enough to cover their minimum expenses. In addition, many people fail to meet UNHCR criteria and thus receive nothing.

We do not have enough funds now. Every day we have to support people and spend some money.

For instance, it is typical to spend around 300 JD for one case for medical operations, electricity, rent and necessary items such as gas, cooker, refrigerator, mattress , blankets, stove and kerosene.

We really need your sincere help, and we definitely need it regularly every month. Otherwise, I have to ask the same people every time. It is very hard for us.

Many of you are thinking why they need help or why they do not go back to Iraq. I wish you could talk with them directly to know their reasons and the realities  which prevent them. We are always in contact with them. We know their real situations.

Please work with us to support these suffering Iraqis.


Written by Ayman Fadel

September 24, 2010 at 18:41

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