Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

“He’s like a dead person, just surviving for his family’s sake.”

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Kareem Abdelmajeed’s family has been in Jordan since February 2005.

Kareem Abdelmajeed, Walking Dead

Kareem lost one leg in the Gulf War in1990. Kareem’s family was Sunni, and they lived in a predominantly Shia area. In 2004, his 24-yr old brother was kidnapped. The family paid his ransom, and upon release, this brother escaped to Syria and Kareem’s family escaped to Jordan. Kareem’s health has been deteriorating. He now has a very severe disk on his neck.  There is something on his hip. He used to take strong psychotropic medicine to help him sleep and relax. Actually, he can’t sleep and can’t eat well. The medicine caused stomach and intestinal problems. He always has pain. Because he could no longer afford it, had to stop this medicine.
The relief worker wrote: He asked me to ask UNHCR for resettlement, as they have spent over 6 years in Jordan. He wants to work for his family. He worries for his children’s future. When I heard these words from him, I could not stand and I was in tears. He is so sick. Please see his picture. He is like a dead person. He is surviving just for his family’s sake.

Written by Ayman Fadel

February 5, 2011 at 10:32

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