Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

Asad and Shireen Making a Living in Amman

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Asad was seriously injured by an explosion. He lost one eye. He’s had 27 operations so far and still needs a few more. He needs an artificial eye, but it costs 800JD. Unfortunately, we are not able to help with this amount in cash.

Asad and Shireen with Beautician Certificate

We have been giving him second-hand clothes which we have received them from Iraqi people as donations. He sells them at the open market in downtown Amman every Friday.

I myself have seen the scene when he and his wife Shireen were selling the clothes at open market. Have you been there? You can’t imagine how the place is difficult. Many people come to sell with many different kinds of things, they must be priced very cheaply to sell. Many people come to buy. We immediately told Shireen not to go there for security reasons. We asked another Iraqi man to help Asad who can’t go alone as he has just one eye. It’s not possible to sell alone.

However, when I saw them, I admired them tremendously! They have to arrive there at 5:00AM in order to get a good location. They leave behind two sons in the house (one 7yr, other one 6yr).

Asad and Shireen's Children

Shireen took the license (see picture) of beautician through our Women’s Center. After that we also helped her to acquire equipment to start a beauty business from her home. I was the first customer of her salon.


Written by Ayman Fadel

February 6, 2011 at 08:16

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