Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

Family from Kirkuk Needs Immediate Assistance

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SK family

S. K.’s family came to Jordan in 2011 from Kirkuk. Militia attempted to kidnap his two-year old daughter. The child’s mother’s nationality was New Zealander, so the militia thought she was wealthy. Her family had fled Saddam’s regime in 1989 to Pakistan, where they immigrated to New Zealand.

After this incident, they escaped to Jordan. His daughter had an infection in her teeth, but because her nationality is not Iraqi, S.K. could not take her to the public clinic. When we visited them, the mother of one of our friends discovered that the daughter’s infection was severe. She demanded that the child immediately be taken to the doctor. We took her to the private Iraqi doctor, who is fortunately extremely kind. Now she is getting much better, thank GOD.
But they live with so much hardship. They have no kitchen. The gas stove is next to the toilet. The weather is getting cold, especially at night. The toilet is open, therefore  his wife and baby are not able to shower.
The problem is that they have not begun to receive the monthly cash assistance yet. They are not able to move into a house right now because they can’t afford rent.

Written by Ayman Fadel

October 17, 2011 at 07:06

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