Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

O.M. and Son: Victims of Bombings

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Victims of Attacks Seek Treatment
O.M. was a police officer. He was among the troops cooperating with the US army. His car was exploded by sticky bombs in March of 2009. He lost his both legs and part of an arm. Doctors Without Borders registered his name, but the date for the treatment was far in the future.

So, 7 days after the attack, he was transported to a hospital in Jordan and underwent 14 operations. Afterwards, he returned to Iraq for his family, who needed to get their passports in order to come to Jordan.

Again a bomb was placed in front of his house. Fortunately, his neighbor notified the police. A couple of days later, militia shot his son in his lower back when he was walking to school. His son endured an operation. After that, they came to Jordan.

They have been forced to live with great hardship in Jordan economically and psychologically. They are now struggling to pay the rent.


Written by Ayman Fadel

October 17, 2011 at 09:44

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