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Waliid Found No Safe Place in Iraq

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Waliid’s family actually had a chance for resettlement in December 2005, but at that time his only brother was killed. Waliid was so upset by this that he and his wife immediately went back to Iraq to Abu Ghraib. They wanted to return to Jordan, but they could not pay their penalty to the Jordanian government for overstaying their visa in Jordan.

Then he was kidnapped by the Mehdi Army. He was released through the intervention of another faction. Waliid and his family left to the wife’s home town of Karbala. The problem is that he is Sunni and she is Shia. Her family did not accept him.

A friend helped him to change his name to a Shia name. They lived in Nasiriyya for 4 years. One day, his neighbor’s girl was in critical condition. He had a car, therefore he took her to the hospital in Baghdad. He was so tired after taking her to the hospital that he slept in his car. Militia knocked on his window. This Militia found out that he is not Shia but that he is Sunni. The Militia kidnapped him and held him for 10 days, during which he was tortured. Fortunately, he escaped from his captors.

At the same time, his wife and children escaped to Jordan. She did not know whether he was alive or died. His friend helped him to fly to Jordan. When he registered with UNHCR, UNHCR arranged for his family’s reunification in Jordan.

Financially, they are suffering.

Waliid's FamilyWaliid's FamilyWaliid's Family

Waliid Family, a set on Flickr.


Written by Ayman Fadel

November 7, 2011 at 19:06

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