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Hatim Family Has Run out of Money

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Since 2009, Hatim was threatened because he worked for American company. He was forced to change homes several times. This difficult situation exhausted him. Finally, he decided to come to Jordan with his family.

They arrived in Amman in August 2011 with little money. In four months, they had spent it all. Their neighbor informed us about this family’s plight. Hatim’s eldest son, 15 years old, has severe thalassemia. He needs regular check-ups and medicines and occasional blood transfusions. Nevertheless, circumstances force him to work for small tips by going to the open market in Wahidad every day to work as a porter. Hatim has started a three-month vocational training program with International Relief Development (IRD). The first month, he will receive 125 JOD (180 USD). The second and third months, he will receive 150 JOD (210 USD). They are suffering economically and receive no cash assistance from UNHCR.

Hatim has tried to find work in Jordan, but the fact that he is Iraqi and unauthorized to work limits his opportunities.

This month, he was not able to pay the rent, which is 80 JOD (115 USD).

Hatim Family

Hatim Family Room

Additional images:

Hatim Family Room

Hatim Family Kitchen


Written by Ayman Fadel

December 29, 2011 at 16:11

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