Appeals to Help Iraqi Refugees in Jordan

Ali Amr, Torture Victim, Needs Assistance

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Ali Amr is suffering from the injuries he sustained while enduring severe torture in Iraq. The doctor says they are difficult to treat.

Ali’s wife died in Iraq. He lives in Amman, Jordan with four children, three daughters and one son.

He does not have support from UNHCR. His house’s condition puts Ali’s family in a very dangerous situation. There are no glass panes to shutter the windows. Part of a wall is broken. There is no light in the kitchen. The door to the daughter’s room is broken, so they use a board as a door.

The relief workers will try to explain Ali’s situation to UNHCR so that Ali can get regular assistance. They will help Ali’s family to find a house as they are not able to find one by themselves.

Ali is too sick to work. All the children are students. The son, who is 15 years old, left school to work. He earns 2 JD / 3 USD per day. That’s their entire income.


Written by Ayman Fadel

October 29, 2012 at 18:58

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